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Author: Joe Guinan

Joe Guinan is a Senior Fellow at the Democracy Collaborative at the University of Maryland, Executive Director of The Next System Project and a commissioning editor for Renewal. He lives in Washington DC.

Free downloadThe Institutional Turn: Labour’s new political economy

Editorial / Martin O’Neill, Joe Guinan / Vol 26 No 2 2018

Free downloadPolanyi Against the Whirlwind

Editorial / Joe Guinan, Thomas Hanna / Vol 25 No 1 2017

Free downloadBring back the Institute for Workers’ Control

Feature / Joe Guinan / Vol 23 No 4 2015

Free downloadModern money and the escape from austerity

Editorial / Joe Guinan / Vol 22 No 3/4 2014

Free downloadWho’s afraid of public ownership?

Review essay / Joe Guinan / Vol 21 No 4 2013

Free downloadSocial democracy in the age of austerity: the radical potential of democratising capital

Feature / Joe Guinan / Vol 20 No 4 2012