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Author: Paul Thompson

Paul Thompson is Professor of Human Resource Management at Strathclyde University and was a founding editor of Renewal, for which he is now a Contributing Editor.

Free downloadHard left, soft left: Corbynism and beyond

Essay / Paul Thompson / Vol 24 No 2 2016

Free downloadIs New Labour still new? A debate

Feature / Paul Thompson, Philip Gould / Vol 1-15 1993-2007

Free downloadReflections on an extended conversation with New Labour

Editorial / Neal Lawson, Paul Thompson / Vol 1-15 1993-2007

Free downloadCan Labour survive?

Roundtable / Steve Richards, Joy Johnson, Paul Thompson / Vol 17 No 3 2009

Free downloadLabour - the natural party of opposition?

Editorial / Paul Thompson / Vol 1-15 1993-2007