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Devolution and the changing nature of power

Thursday 30 October 2014

Policy Network
11 Tufton Street
London SW1P 3QB

In the UK and across Europe, we are seeing a shift towards communities of attachment beneath the level of the state, alongside growing resistance to the kinds of multi-national unions and forms of cooperation that are favoured by political elites. 

Against the backdrop of the landmark Scottish referendum and acknowledging the emerging “politics of Englishness” and questions over the UK’s constitutional future, this Policy Network, Barrow Cadbury Trust and Renewal Journal seminar will investigate the drivers of political decay and populism in the UK and beyond, and to what extent they can be eased by devolving economic and political power, democratic innovations around 'contact democracy' and fostering new forms of place-based identity.


Mike Kenny, Professor of politics, Queen Mary University of London and author of The Politics of Nationhood in England: Class, Culture and Governance After Devolution

Michael Keating, Chair of Scottish Politics, University of Aberdeen and author of Rescaling the European State: The Making of Territory and the Rise of the Meso


Mary Riddell, Columnist, The Daily Telegraph 


Patrick Diamond, Vice chair and research director, Policy Network

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