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Full Circle? From New Labour to One Nation Labour

Thursday 16 May 2013

Committee Room 17, House of Commons



Lord Stewart Wood, Shadow Cabinet Minister without Portfolio
John Denham MP
Catherine Needham, Senior Lecturer in Public Policy, University of Birmingham
Stuart White, Lecturer in Politics, Oxford University



Ben Jackson, Editor of Renewal

To celebrate its twentieth anniversary, Renewal has released an e-book containing a selection of the best analysis and reflection from two decades at the heart of Labour politics. This event brings together four contributors to the e-book to reflect on the parallels with, and differences between, Labour's last period in opposition and today - and on the years in between.

Is One Nation Labour a return to the early years of New Labour? Was the promise of New Labour in opposition dissipated in office? If so, why? What are the precedents for Ed Miliband's agenda for a One Nation government and a more responsible capitalism?

Please e-mail Katharine Harris at Lawrence and Wishart to reserve your place at the seminar -