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Governing from the Left: Economic Competence and ‘In the Black Labour’

Tuesday 24 September 2013

Brighton Holiday Inn, Lancing 1


​Renewal and Policy Network at the Labour Party Conference 2013

Polls show that an alarming number of voters believe that Labour cannot be trusted on the economy. This credibility gap has spurred pronouncements on the need for "iron discipline" and "big and painful choices" for a tough deficit reduction plan.

Labour’s principal political task is to demonstrate to people that it can be trusted to govern in this era of fiscal constraint and that it has a compelling project for long-term economic and social reform within that demanding context. This fringe event will review Labour’s 2015 spending choices and priorities with a view to debating and setting out how fiscal discipline and social justice can go hand-in-hand under a centre-left government.

Patrick Diamond, vice chair, Policy Network and former Head of Policy Planning in 10 Downing Street and Senior Policy Adviser to the Prime Minister
Margaret Hodge, Labour member of Parliament and chair of Public Accounts Committee
Paul Johnson, director, Institute for Fiscal Studies
Yvonne Roberts, chief leader writer, The Observer
Hopi Sen, commentator and former head of campaigns at the Parliamentary Labour Party
Duncan Weldon, senior policy officer, TUC