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Vol 24 No 2 2016

Party, place and politics

Editorial // James Stafford, Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite

On the local and national in politics. In the aftermath of the difficult local elections, we examine in this issue the problems of anti-politics for the left; possible local routes to building a political movement, and the limits to the possibilities offered by localism.

Anti-Politics and the left

Essay // Gerry Stoker, Jonathan Moss, Nick Clarke, Will Jennings

Anti-politics is on the rise in contemporary Britain, and poses challenges—but also opportunities—for the left. New research suggests that participatory democracy isn’t the answer, but that Labour could think about changing recruitment, constitutional reform, progressive alliances, and new forms and styles of communication with the electorate.

Narrative, participatory democracy and political communication

Response // Andrew Gamble, Gavin Shuker, Oliver Escobar

Three responses to ‘Anti-Politics and the Left’

The new partisanship

Essay // Lea Ypi, Jonathan White

The re-emergence of the party as a site of mobilisation invites a broader interpretation of partisanship. A party is not just a collective that aims to win political power, but one that does so as part of a principled, long-term project.

Free downloadMomentum: a new kind of politics

Feature // Adam Klug, Emma Rees, James Schneider

Momentum’s three national organisers set out their vision for Momentum: organisation building, movement politics, and changing society.

Free downloadHard left, soft left: Corbynism and beyond

Essay // Paul Thompson

One of Renewal’s original editors examines the role of the soft left in the 1980s and asks what a soft left revival today might look like.

Community wealth building: America’s emerging assetbased approach to city economic development

Feature // Marjorie Kelly, Sarah McKinley, Violeta Duncan

Across the United States a growing number of communities are experimenting with innovative ways to create a more equal, democratic, and community based economy from the ground up.

Free downloadThe Road to Socialism is the A59: The Preston Model

Feature // Matthew Brown, Martin O’Neill

Martin O’Neill speaks to Councillor Matthew Brown about Community Wealth-Building and Alternative Economic Strategies in Preston.

Place-based health: why local accountability would lead to better quality and outcomes

Essay // Jessica Studdert

The NHS is one of our most treasured national institutions. But it is nearly broken. Only localism and the integration of clinical medicine, public health and social care can update Bevan’s settlement for the twenty-first century.

Shaping a new deal for coastal communities

Notebook // Fernanda Balata

The ‘Blue New Deal’ developed by the New Economics Foundation (NEF) offers a new model for sustainable development in coastal communities.

Free downloadOn being a public intellectual, a Muslim and a multiculturalist

Feature // Simon Thompson, Tariq Modood

Multiculturalism is often criticised and misunderstood. But it still delivers better results than any alternative that’s been tried. Tariq Modood discusses empathy and commitment in academic life, and outlines a critically evolving multiculturalism.