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Vol 16 No 3/4 2008

Free downloadCrises and opportunities

Editorial // Martin McIvor

Economic, social, environmental, and ideological dimensions of the present crisis - and the heightened struggle over Britain’s future that is the consequence of its new political instability.

Free downloadA crisis of civility

Feature // Adam Lent

New Labour’s policies have proved inadequate to the task of slaying the contradiction between market individualism and social responsibility.

Free downloadGordon Brown’s ‘Adam Smith problem’

Feature // Matthew Watson

Smith’s own writings betray a generic tension between the behavioural habits required for a dynamic market economy and those required for a self-sustaining market society.

Free downloadCauses of the credit crunch

Feature // Graham Turner

Unbalanced globalisation breeds asset bubbles. Rising inequality leads to extreme house price cycles. Fundamental reform means reducing corporate power or increasing the strength of labour.

The ideological importance of housing

Feature // John Houghton

The current housing crisis is not a market imbalance in need of correction, but the consequence of our reliance on the market itself to produce and distribute an essential public good.

The limits of expertise

Feature // William Davies

Years of office have dulled the distinction between the mechanisms of Whitehall and the principles of the Labour Party.

Free downloadAfter New Labour

Commentary // Sunder Katwala

New Labour has been the most successful governing project of the British centre- left for half a century. This project is clearly now over.

Free downloadReclaiming aspiration

Commentary // Jon Cruddas

Contrasting the supposedly aspirational groups, seats, voters and parts of the country with the so-called core-vote is an extraordinary disservice to millions who fall outside this political calculus.

A green New Deal

Commentary // Andrew Simms

A Green New Deal could bring diverse social and industrial forces together, leading to the new progressive alliance we need to challenge the dominance of the finance sector.

Free downloadLearning from Europe

Commentary // Robin Wilson

New Labour’s wrong calls - Blair’s war and Brown’s boom - have common origins in their disdain for the European social model. We can look to the continent for new solutions to global problems.

Free downloadLearning from America

Commentary // David Lammy

Can we move on from the cautious pragmatism of the 1990s, and break free from the politics of control? The lessons from America are that we can and we must.

Lessons of the US digital campaign

Commentary // Nick Anstead, Andrew Chadwick

British parties should democratise their organisational structures and the electoral environment in ways likely to catalyse internet-enabled civic engagement.

Free downloadLess talk, more action

Commentary // Deborah Littman

Politics isn’t just about ideas, it’s about power; and debates do not build power, organising does. We need to start developing practical campaigns on issues that really matter to people.

Mobilisation, representation and republican movements

Commentary // Karma Nabulsi

The rich, elaborate, and complex republican tradition provids in its concrete practices the methods and tools to once again rejuvenate the public realm.

Cameron’s blueprint?

Notebook // Len Duvall

Boris Johnson is urging David Cameron to use his London mayoralty as a blueprint for national Tory policy. If he continues to follow the path of his first twelve weeks, it does not bode well.

US foreign policy after the elections

Notebook // Gideon Rachman

Foreign policy is likely to loom larger in the 2008 presidential election than normal. Three debates will dominate: Iraq, whether to talk to enemies, and how to reinvigorate America’s world leadership.

Free downloadThe economics of Andrew Glyn

Essay // Stuart White

At what point must egalitarians be prepared to challenge fundamental aspects of capitalist society? Are social democrats willing to make such a challenge when it becomes necessary?

Free downloadWilliam Baumol et al: Good and Bad Capitalism

Review // Colin Crouch

The varieties of capitalism, as seen from the stable of orthodox neo-classical economics.

Paul Collier: The Bottom Billion

Review // Paul Segal

In a world of plenty, why are so many countries so poor?

Free downloadPaul Krugman: The Conscience of a Liberal

Review // Ben Jackson

A rare example of advice from the United States that New Labour doesn’t want to hear.