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Vol 24 No 1 2016

Free downloadReorienting the Left

Editorial // James Stafford, Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite

Under our editorship, Renewal will interrogate the structures and contexts for a viable left politics, unearthing new ideas and initiatives that demonstrate the necessity and potential of a social democratic revival.

The Osborne Supremacy

Roundtable // Patrick Diamond, Ken Spours

The unfolding Conservative hegemonic project and the left’s response

Free downloadThe Labour Party under Ed Miliband

Feature // Eunice Goes

Ed Miliband had a serious diagnosis of the reforms needed to build a better society. Yet a series of compromises with forces within and outside the party watered down his overall narrative.

Labour and the New Englishness

Feature // Emily Robinson

Labour needs to find a way of connecting the complex politics of English identity to some of the knotty constitutional issues we face.

What is the significance of the Paris agreement?

Notebook // Lisa Nandy

The Paris Agreement represents major progress in the struggle against climate change – but Conservative policy renders fulfilment of the UK’s obligations unlikely.

Against Fantasy Citizenship: the politics of migration and austerity

Feature // Bridget Anderson

Anti-migrant rhetoric relies on a fantasy of equal national citizenship that obscures the state’s role in regulating access to labour and welfare regimes.

Are we all entrepreneurs now?

Feature // Tom Barker

What is the impact of the ‘Uber economy’ on the heroic capitalist figure of the ‘entrepreneur’?

Free downloadA Better Politics—A More Enlightened Economics

Essay // Danny Dorling

Danny Dorling asks what policies emerge when we take happiness as the priority for politics and economics.

The Predistribution Agenda

Review // Stewart Wood

‘Predistribution’ elicits strong views in different directions, often among people who either disagree about, or don’t know, what it means.