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Vol 24 No 3 2016

Free downloadThe Present Crisis and the Questions We Must Ask

Editorial // Alan Finlayson

One of the most surprising things about the success of the Leave campaign is that so many are surprised by it.

Free downloadWhat is Economic Trust in Politics?

Essay // Jonathan Ashworth MP, Josh Simons

Economic trust is key to election victories in Britain. But what does it mean, and how can Labour win it back?

Morality and Left-Wing Politics: A Case Study of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party

Feature // Bill Blackwater

Recent research on the relationship between moral psychology and political identification spells trouble for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour.

Movement Politics, the Electoral Machine, and the ‘Masses’: Lessons from the Early Labour Party

Essay // Jon Lawrence

There is nothing new about the problem of reconciling the idea of the left as a radical movement and as a vote-winning machine. Labour needs to learn, now, from the ways in which that difficult balance was delicately achieved in the party’s early years.

Free downloadA New Politics? The Challenges of Multi-Speed Party Membership

Feature // Jessica Garland

Qualitative research on Labour’s new grassroots suggests that efforts to convert a larger selectorate into an organised activist base need to appreciate the full range of motivations for partisan commitment.

Free downloadThe Blair Supremacy: A Study in the Politics of Labour’s Party Management

Review // Eric Shaw

Lewis Minkin’s research into New Labour’s party management offers indispensable lessons for those concerned with the party’s current managerial problems.

Speaking to England

Notebook // Tom Barker

Tom Barker reports on the ‘England and Labour’ seminars, Westminster and Huddersfield, February–April 2016, and the debates held over English identity, constitutional change and Labour Party organisation.

Free downloadSilencing the Critics: Charities, Lobbyists, and the Government’s Quiet War on Dissent

Feature // Phil Parvin

For six years the Conservatives have been waging a covert war against institutions and organisations capable of holding the government to account, masked by rhetoric lauding their efforts to restrain lobbyists. In the process, they are undermining the very basis for social democratic politics.

Universal Credit, Ideology and the Politics of Poverty

Feature // George Morris

Universal Credit was the centrepiece of Iain Duncan Smith’s tenure at the Department for Work and Pensions between 2010 and 2016. Where did the policy come from, and how might the system be reformed by a future left government?

Feminist Resistance

Essay // Elizabeth Evans

Feminist organising has important lessons for the left, showing how resistance to structural, cultural and economic gendered inequalities can be constructed in new and creative ways.