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Vol 24 No 4 2016

Free downloadAfter 2016

Editorial // James Stafford, Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite

To guarantee its relevance and survival, the British left needs urgently to understand the new forces ranged against it, moving against them while it still can.

Free downloadReforming the Banks: The Opportunity of Brexit

Feature // Christine Berry

Brexit offers an unexpected opportunity: to use the taxpayer’s stake in RBS to begin to transform our banking sector.

Free downloadLeaving Party: Theresa May’s Tories and Europe

Commentary // Tim Bale

Theresa May has missed her best opportunity to impose her authority on a fractious Conservative Party, and avoid the economic risks created by ‘hard Brexit’.

Labour and the National Question After Brexit

Notebook // John Denham, Michael Kenny

Labour’s electoral base has been torn apart by identity politics - but the party will almost certainly have to win a majority in England if it is ever to take power at Westminster again.

Free downloadCaught in the Headlights: Labour, Race and the Referendum

Notebook // Amina Lone

An inside account and reflection on Brexit and the politics of race.

Strength in Division: Left-Right Antagonism and the Practice of “Split Leadership”

Feature // Christian Schemmel, David Owen

Could a tripartite leadership structure modelled on Germany’s SPD offer a route to resolving Labour’s left-right divisions?

Reorganising Labour: Constructing a New Politics

Essay // Jake Watts

Corbyn has put deepening democracy within Labour at the heart of his project. But party re-organisation is about culture, as well as structures.

Militant lessons for Labour?

Review // James Coldwell

A new edition of Michael Crick’s 1980s exposé offers few insights into the Labour left of today.

Labour and Gender in Historical Perspective

Review // Charlotte Riley

Rachel Reeves’ biography of Alice Bacon shines a light on Labour’s factions and the politics of gender.

How Realistic is the Alternative?

Review // Gideon Calder

Lisa Nandy, Caroline Lucas’ and Chris Bowers’ welcome volume mostly avoids the hard questions confronting any putative ‘progressive alliance’.

Free downloadBasic Income: A Debate

Feature // Neal Lawson, Mathew Lawrence

A silver-bullet policy innovation, or a dangerous distraction from the hard grind of reform?

Labour Can Overcome Its Immigration Problem

Essay // Thom Brooks

The UK immigration system is flawed, but has significant strengths – most of which were introduced by Labour governments.

Smallism: An Approach for Our Time

Review // Simon Parker

Adam Lent’s ‘Small is Powerful’ may come to be seen as a foundational text for the revival of the civic socialism of the nineteenth century.