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Vol 25 No 1 2017

Free downloadPolanyi Against the Whirlwind

Editorial // Joe Guinan, Thomas Hanna

The left must quickly recover the capacity to offer a radically different political economy or reap the consequences.

Free downloadSyria: A Betrayal of Labour’s Internationalism and Solidarity

Essay // George Morris, Yasmine Nahlawi

For too long the Labour Party has failed Syria. But there are policy measures that Labour could promote which would contribute to a just peace in the country.

Free downloadThe European Left after Brexit

Roundtable // Ania Skrzypek, Barry Colfer, Folke große Deters, Katrine Kielos, Lilia Giugni, Marina Prentoulis, Renaud Thillaye

An international discussion of the impact of Brexit and the prospects for the left

French Socialism in Crisis: The Undoing of Hollande’s ‘Anti-Austerity’ Programme

Essay // Sean McDaniel

Ahead of this year’s elections in France, the Parti Socialiste finds itself severely weakened by President Hollande’s failure to craft an appealing or consistent economic strategy

Populism and Grassroots Politics: “New Left” Critiques of Social Democracy, 1968-1994

Essay // Alex Campsie

Understanding the history of grassroots progressive activism – its strengths, weaknesses and stumbling blocks – can help us craft a renewed vision for Labour.

On Taking (Back) Control: Lessons from Community Action in 1970s Britain

Feature // David Ellis

The successes of Community Action suggest how a radically reformed social democracy might have been crafted out of the troubled Keynesian, corporatist model of the 1970s.

The NHS: Not Back to Era 1 but Forward to Era 3

Feature // Steve Iliffe, Richard Bourne

Shroud-waving defences of the NHS of the 1950s can’t provide the answers we need for the 21st century

Free downloadWho’s ‘Normal’? Class, Culture and Labour Politics in a Fragmented Britain

Essay // Ewan Gibbs

Labour must reconnect with an economic analysis of class, for it is this that could in fact reunite the culturally polarised elements of a Labour electoral coalition.

Owen Smith and Blue Labour’s Republicanism

Commentary // Lewis Coyne

Owen Smith’s leadership campaign suggests that a patriotic, republican, federalist and egalitarian politics can be built from elements of the Blue Labour vision.