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Vol 25 No 2 2017

Free downloadInequality and Left Politics

Editorial // Ed Miliband MP

The political challenges posed by inequality are many and varied, but there are new analyses and ideas on the left that should give us hope.

Free downloadThe Five Key Facts the Left Needs to Know About Inequality

Feature // Danny Dorling

Income inequality may soon start to fall, but this isn’t a cause for great optimism.

Free downloadThe Shifting Politics of Inequality and the Class Ceiling

Feature // Michael Savage, Sam Friedman

Britain’s class landscape has changed: it is more polarised at the extremes and messier in the middle, but with a profoundly important ‘class ceiling’ that the left must tackle.

Free downloadWhere Next for Progressive Politics? Reframing the Fight against Inequality

Essay // Miatta Fahnbulleh

The stagnating real incomes of those in the middle of the income spectrum means we need to reframe inequality as a majoritarian issue.

Equality in Historical Context

Essay // Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite

Deindustrialisation and the decline of deference are shifts that demand a new approach to reducing inequality.

Free downloadClimate Change is a Class Issue

Essay // Polly Billington

Climate change will only break out of its eco bubble if we understand not only the impacts, but also the opportunities that tackling it effectively can open up for pursuing greater economic and social justice.

Tony Atkinson, ‘Inequality: What Can be Done?’

Review // Ben Jackson

A powerful synthesis of a lifetime’s work on inequality emphasises the importance of collective bargaining and democratic control

Voices from the movement: What can the Trade Union Act (2016) tell us about trade union organising?

Roundtable // Fenella Porter, Heather Blakey, Michael Chater, Graeme Chesters, Matt Hannam, Ian Manborde

Researchers and activists discuss the future of British Trade Unionism following a new round of restrictive legislation

The Party has a Life of its Own: Labour’s Doctrine and Ethos

Commentary // Karl Pike

The Labour Party is more divided by ‘ethos’ than it is by doctrine

Axel Honneth, ‘The Idea of Socialism’

Review // Julia Nicholls

A leading representative of the contemporary Frankfurt School underestimates the appeal of a ‘traditional’ socialist message