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Vol 25 No 3-4 2017

Free downloadReady for Government?

Editorial // James Stafford, Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite

The transformed political landscape offers both hope and danger for Labour

Free downloadThe revolt of the ‘squeezed middle’

Essay // Lorenza Antonucci

A comparison between students’ and Brexit voters’ attitudes to economic insecurity reveals surprising similarities between these supposedly opposing groups.

The new economy, social change, and polarised places: A changed terrain for British politics

Feature // Will Jennings, Gerry Stoker

Globalisation has changed British politics, but its new dynamics can’t be reduced to a battle between ‘cosmopolitans’ and ‘nativists’.

Free downloadAll-out war? Brexit, voting and the production of division

Essay // Cathy Elliott

We need to take seriously the idea that voting produces divisions and identities, rather than simply measuring them.

Corbyn’s Labour and the populism question

Essay // Jonathan Dean, Bice Maiguashca

If we examine the core characteristics of populism, we find Corbynism bears only a very superficial resemblance to populist movements

Free downloadReport: Labour’s Programme and EU Law

Feature // Andy Tarrant, Andrea Biondi

Two senior European competition lawyers offer a comprehensive legal analysis of the 2017 manifesto, asserting its fundamental compatibility with the EU’s system of economic law.

Free downloadHope amidst despair?

Feature // Martin O’Neill, Stuart Holland

Stuart Holland on Brexit, Europe and Labour’s new economics, in conversation with Martin O’Neill

Free downloadFragmentation and decline? The UK and the global trading system after Brexit

Feature // Silke Trommer

The international political environment will inevitably affect the UK government’s ability to pursue its trade policy goals after Brexit.

Conference Conversations: Alex Sobel, Monique Charles, Li Anderssen, Mathew Lawrence

Roundtable // Alex Sobel, Li Anderssen, Martin O’Neill, Monique Charles, Mathew Lawrence, James Stafford, Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite

A range of voices from Labour’s packed and vibrant 2017 conference.

Free downloadProtecting the Legacy: Developing a Labour Vision for Health and Social Care

Feature // Sarah Hutchinson

The NHS in its current form is good at keeping people alive but not at keeping them well. Labour should be championing a fundamental change to how we fund and provide health and care, with the aim of keeping people well, and supporting people with long term conditions.

Tory ideology and social policy under Theresa May: Current and future directions

Essay // Ben Williams

Theresa May has sought to construct a distinctive social policy offering during her time as Prime Minister, but remains stymied by a toxic combination of triangulation and austerity.

Free downloadTuition fees and the neoliberal university: Responding to the 2017 Higher Education and Research Act

Commentary // Simon Choat

Labour’s manifesto commitment to abolish university tuition fees presents a moral alternative to a narrowly neoliberal view of the value of learning.

Free downloadSpeenhamland, Automation and the Basic Income: A warning from history?

Essay // Frederick Harry Pitts, Lorena Lombardozzi, Neil Warner

The history of the Poor Laws and the industrial revolution suggest that basic income could end up extending the lifespan of our broken economic system.

Platform Cooperativism

Review essay // David Jacobs

Modern technology could enable a new economy of democratically organised craft production—if politics takes on monopolies and financial interests.

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