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Vol 26 No 3 2018

Free downloadCan Labour Break Free?

Editorial // Anthony Painter

Labour’s ‘institutional turn’ must strive to empower individuals and communities, resisting bureaucracy and paternalism.

Free downloadStreet-Level Climate Politics

Roundtable // Cllr Jon Burke, Mika Minio-Paluello

Labour currently governs most of Britain’s cities and large towns. How can it use this power to respond to the challenge of climate change?

‘No jobs on a dead planet’: The Greening of the US Labor Movement

Feature // Franziska Paul

The new paradigm of ‘energy democracy’ challenges older, ‘jobs-first’ varieties of trade unionism.

Free downloadRebuilding our Institutions: Social Security for the Future

Review essay // Nick Garland, Rachel Reeves MP

Three recent books engage with the challenges of building institutions that can deliver real social security and empower people as workers and citizens.

Public Ownership: Two Responses

Response // Cat Hobbs, Satoko Kishimoto

A discussion of Thomas Hanna’s ‘Our Common Wealth’.

Review: Tim Rogan, ‘The Moral Economists’

Review // Jon Cruddas MP

A new study of Polanyi, Tawney and Thompson shows the need for an ethical, humanist critique of capitalism.

Free downloadBig Politics, Big Organising, and Internationalism: How the Left can Win

Essay // Adam Klug, Emma Rees

The left must work together across national borders to combat the threat of the far right.

Free downloadThe Cosmopolitan Rejoinder

Roundtable // James Stafford, George Morris

Professor Mary Kaldor in conversation with James Stafford and George Morris

Turning Against China

Commentary // Andrew Small

Washington is giving up on decades of attempts to integrate China within a US-led world order.

Prevent, Muslim Identity and the Normalisation of Neoliberalism

Feature // Antonio Perra

The government’s ‘Prevent’ strategy is driven by a neoliberal conception of ‘normality’ which is individualistic, depoliticised and rigidly secular.

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