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Vol 27 No 3 2019

Free downloadThe unspoken dilemmas of Corbynomics

Editorial // Colm Murphy

Advocates of Corbynomics need to decide on the place of decentralisation and democratisation within their overall vision of economic transformation.

Free downloadRealignment on the right?

Roundtable // Alan Finlayson, Lea Ypi

Two members of Renewal’s Editorial Board discuss this new political moment, and the fresh challenges it poses for the left.

Labour and England, 1997-2010

Essay // John Denham

If the next Labour government is not to repeat the mistakes of the past, we must think afresh about the expression of England’s interests within our constitution.

People-powered democracy?

Review // Alexandra Runswick

Tony Wright and Andrew Gamble (eds), Rethinking democracy, Wiley-Blackwell, London 2018.

Free downloadActually Existing Corbynism

Essay // Lewis Bassett

Looking at the Corbyn movement beyond the shadow cast by the ‘long 1970s’ allows us to see it in the light of today’s ‘new times’.

Labour women and local activism: gender and the foundation of the Labour Party

Review // Ruth Davidson

Nina Sloane, The Women in the Room: Labour’s Forgotten History

The institution’s not for turning? Inequality, taxes and anticapitalism

Essay // Liam Kennedy

An Excessive Pay Levy can redistribute income while empowering workers. This could be one starting point for a broader roll-out of economic democracy.

Free downloadInterview: Power in the Firm

Feature // Dan Chandler, Elizabeth Anderson

A discussion of how free market discourse has blinded us to the authoritarian nature of the workplace, and of how progressive politics can seek democratise work

Democracy and disillusion: hopes and dangers for the European centre left

Commentary // Ania Skrzypek

The idea of Europe as a project of liberal democracy, dominated by parties of the centre right and centre left, is weaker than it has been at any point since the fall of Berlin Wall. Yet there is hope here for social democrats – if they can change their politics to match the times.

Free downloadThe left and the case for ‘progressive reglobalisation’

Essay // Matthew Bishop, Tony Payne

Neoliberal globalisation is in crisis – but it’s an illusion to believe that we can turn back the clock on forty years of international economic integration. The left urgently needs to discover the ideas and agency necessary to resist the disaster capitalists of the right, and build a progressive ‘reglobalisation.’

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