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Vol 23 No 3 2015

Free downloadGuest editorial: factionalism in the Parliamentary Labour Party and the 2015 leadership contest

Editorial // Hugh Pemberton, Mark Wickham Jones

Close analysis of the nominations for Labour’s leader and deputy reveals a parliamentary party fracturing along sharper ideological lines than were evident in 2010.

Free downloadAfter Miliband

Roundtable // Ivor Crewe, Jon Cruddas, Marc Stears, Gregg McClymont, Emily Robinson

Initial reflections on the election campaign, the result, Ed Miliband’s leadership, and Labour’s future direction.

Free downloadWhy equality matters

Essay // Daniel Stedman Jones

The egalitarian achievements of twentieth-century social democracy have withered in the face of the neo-liberal onslaught. They must be argued for again and again.

Rediscovering Rosa Luxemburg

Essay // Bill Blackwater

In the light of post-crisis developments in the political economy of financialisation, credit, and the money supply, Rosa Luxemburg’s critique of capitalism deserves to be looked at afresh.

Free downloadThe democratic critique of neo-liberalism

Review essay // William Davies

Neo-liberalism aims to transform all spheres of human life in ways that render them amenable to economic calculation.