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Vol 23 No 1/2 2015

Free downloadGuest editorial: a shortage of optimism

Editorial // Lewis Baston

Neither main party has a path to a stable parliamentary majority.

Free downloadRoute-masters: the re-regulation of bus services

Feature // Bridget Phillipson, Scott Gilfillan

North East Combined Authority’s re-regulation of local bus services offers a better deal for passengers and taxpayers and could have significant implications for the future of public services.

The financial sector and the One Nation tradition

Feature // Richard Carr

The City is still not performing optimal service for the good of the nation.

The stakeholder society and the politics of hope

Feature // Thom Brooks

Retrieving the language of stakeholding would enable Labour to offer a compelling political future.

Free downloadInterview: principles, not mechanisms

Commentary // Lisa Nandy, James Stafford

Lisa Nandy discusses Labour’s developing agenda and prospects for government in 2015.

Free downloadThe Scottish referendum: what happened and what next?

Roundtable // Adam Ramsay, Ben Jackson, David Torrance, Gerry Hassan

A debate on the meaning and consequences of Scotland’s vote.

Free downloadA school-to-work agenda for government

Essay // Jim O’Connell, Joel Mullan, Jamie Audsley

Young people should not only leave school with a higher level of knowledge and skills, they should also be offered better pathways to a valuable career.

Free downloadDoes social democracy have a future?

Commentary // Martin O’Neill, Neal Lawson

An exchange on the challenges for the democratic left.

Free downloadThe IPPR’s Condition of Britain: an exchange

Response // Nick Pearce, Graeme Cooke, Howard Reed

A genuine alternative?

Don’t mention the war: a response to Reeves and McIvor

Response // Russell Whiting

To ignore Attlee’s life as a soldier is to miss an important element in the formation of his thinking about welfare and the state.

Free download(Post-)referendum Scottish politics

Notebook // Arianna Introna

If a more honest dialogue on the Scottish independence movement is to be encouraged, the radical nostalgia that idealises it should be interrogated.

Free downloadLabour’s new identity politics

Review essay // Alan Finlayson

In promoting anti-state, crowd-sourcing new economy ad-speak, Labour people are being the change the ruling class wishes to see in the world.

Toby Greene: Blair, Labour and Palestine

Review // Tom Cordiner

Blair and peace in the Middle East