Volume 30 No.2

Nick Garland and Emily Robinson


Tim Bale, Amreen Qureshi, Jo Littler,
Ben Jackson

Roundtable: Considering cake-ism

Richard Hayton

The not-so-Conservative Party in European perspective

Patrick English

Wall of noise? How useful are theories of electoral geography built on socio-demographic composition?


Phoenix CS Andrews

Cruel Britannia: Toby Young’s world


Jun Pang

The UK’s democratic crisis

Liz David-Barrett

Is the UK sliding into state capture?

Latest from the Blog

After the byelection boost – and amidst the chaos – time for some thinking 

After Labour’s byelection victory in Wakefield, Keir Starmer pledged that a future Labour government will have a ‘restless, reforming zeal’. The word ‘reform’ is popular in politics because it sounds like big change and creates a sense of forward-thinking (are you for or against reform?) without having to say much. 

Pronouns in bio

Virtue signalling gets a bad rap. On the internet, in particular, the line between virtue signalling and the simple signalling of one’s position is thin. Who, after all, does not believe, or at least pretend to believe, that their own positions are virtuous?

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