Volume 29 No.2

Jonathan Rutherford

FREE TO READ Editorial: At sea


Karel Williams

How and why the idea of the foundational economy is radical

David Edgerton

How and why the idea of a national economy is radical

Christine Berry


Mitya Pearson

Labour and the environment: An historical perspective

Louisa Bartolo

‘Eyes wide open to the context of content’: Reimagining the hate speech policies of social media platforms through a substantive equality lens

Steve Iliffe, Richard Bourne, Linda Patterson, Jill Manthorpe

Resource allocation in the NHS: Shifting the balance towards the community


Patrick Thaddeus Jackson

Lewis Bassett

The politics of anti-populism


Pauline Bryan

Alex Campsie

FREE TO READ – The future of the union

Review article: The case for Scottish Labour?

Latest from the Blog

Lockdown’s moral mission creep

The campaign that called on people to stay at home to “protect the NHS” was effective and necessary; its upshot, however, is that we have all spent a more than a year engaged in a campaign of state-sponsored curtain twitching of a particularly extreme bent.

2001: Revisiting the ‘Death’ of Multiculturalism

It is twenty years since British cultural politics was reconfigured around the assumed death of multiculturalism, and the ascendance of populist xenophobic anti-immigration identity politics. Stuart Cartland reassesses this history and asks how its effects can be reversed.

Ten First Thoughts on Batley and Spen

A week after Batley and Spen went to the polls Mark Perryman offers ten thoughts on Labour’s narrowest of victories.

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