Volume 28 No.3

Emily Robinson and Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite


Steve Iliffe and Richard Bourne

The NHS – from stalled bureaucracy to ‘Era 3’

Foundational Economy Collective

Portia Roelofs 

Making pandemic politics transparent: lessons from Nigeria 


Katrina Forrester interviewed by Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite

Jon Lawrence 

Vernacular social democracy and the politics of Labour

Iain Stewart

Raymond Aron and the contested legacy of ‘Cold War liberalism’

Hannah Malone

The fascist virus is back again


Sebastian Jobelius and Konstantin Vössing

Hannah O’Rourke

Labour Together’s election review 

Jonny Ball

Election 2019 and the newer left

Guy Ortolano interviewed by Alex Campsie

On urbanism and optimism

Nick Garland 

Looking for a fight


Mehmet Erman Erol 

Between ‘national liberalism’ and ‘progressive internationalism’: quo vadis globalisation? 

Latest from the Blog

Teaching about Justice in the Time of Trump—And Beyond

Why did so many people vote for the cynicism and egoism that Donald Trump represents? Thad Williamson examines the reasons for Trump’s success, and suggests that we must make political struggles and material interests central to our analyses of social justice.

After Trump, before Biden: What’s next for the American left?

Joe Guinan talks to Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite about the outcome of the US election, the unfolding crises of Covid19, the openings for a transformative political economy and what the strategies for the left of the Democratic party should be now.

How Donald Trump almost stole the US election using creative timing

Joe Biden is now President-Elect of the United States, partly because Donald Trump’s own efforts to steal the vote using suppression, legal challenges, and the power of timing narrowly failed. Andrew R. Hom explores the GOP’s use of creative re-timing in its efforts to time the cast and then time the count.

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