Renewal is a quarterly journal of policy and politics. We believe that a radical and emancipatory vision of social democracy can be realised in the twenty-first century.

We demand the expansion of real freedom and equality for all, and an end to the commodification of nature and daily life. We seek to transform and extend democracy and solidarity: in Britain, in Europe, and throughout the world.

Interlocking crises of capitalism, climate and global order define our age. They require both a new politics, and a new political economy, with a strong emphasis on public provision and collective ownership. Only a pluralist, democratic and intellectually confident left can bring about the radical change we need, while expanding human dignity and flourishing.

Renewal publishes long-form writing that confronts the challenges of today with an open mind and an eye for detail. Our writing is theoretically eclectic and empirically rigorous. Avoiding mere critique, we offer new policies, paradigms and strategies to an international readership of citizens, activists and elected representatives. We analyse both the possibilities for social-democratic politics, and the concrete conditions for their realisation.

Renewal will continue to offer a focus and a gathering point for the ideas and analysis necessary to the formulation of a viable, yet radical, political strategy for the twenty-first century. We invite support, and encourage contributions, from all who share that objective.

Craig Berry, Nick Garland, Eunice Goes, Eleanor Lowe and Karl Pike

Contributing Editors
Kate Alexander Shaw, Christine Berry, Lise Butler, Richard McNeil Douglas, Cathy Elliott, Morgan Jones, David Klemperer, Colm Murphy, Nick O’Donovan, Martin O’Neill, Lea Ypi 

Blog Editors
Holly Jones and Liam O’Reilly

Editorial Advisory Board
Alan Finlayson (chair), Anthony Barnett, Jon Cruddas MP, Will Davies, Sally Davison, John Denham, Alice Hood, Ben Jackson, Neal Lawson, Mathew Lawrence, Martin McIvor, Ed Miliband MP, Mika Minio-Paluello, Lisa Nandy MP, John Park, Nick Pearce, Rachel Reeves MP, Carys Roberts, Mike Rustin, Marina Prentoulis, Emily Robinson, Alexandra Runswick, Alex Sobel MP, James Stafford, Marc Stears, Will Stronge, Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite, John Tomaney, Paul Thompson