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Author: Steve Iliffe

Steve Iliffe Steve Iliffe is a professor of Primary Care for Older People at University College London, having been a general practitioner in inner London for 30 years.

Free downloadThe NHS takes control: consequences for health policy in England

Notebook / Steve Iliffe / Vol 28 No 2 2020

The unexpected return of alienation: job dissatisfaction, ‘burnout’ and work estrangement in the NHS

Essay / Jill Manthorpe, Steve Iliffe / Vol 27 No 4 2019

Healthcare on the brink? Assessing the crisis in General Practice

Essay / Steve Iliffe / Vol 26 No 2 2018

The NHS: Not Back to Era 1 but Forward to Era 3

Feature / Steve Iliffe, Richard Bourne / Vol 25 No 1 2017

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